Company Strategy

The Company shall be run as a commercially-minded company, seeking to return an increase on investment capital to shareholders. Proven methods of raising capital through recognised means available to publicly-listed companies will be relied on to fund exploration efforts and administrative costs.

Commercially-viable strategies will be considered to create value from the company assets, including development, mining, joint venture, farm-out or sale of each asset. The means to achieve the strategy include;

• Focus the business of exploration on world-class mineralised domains
• Establish a strict criterion for selecting tenements/projects for acquisition
• Utilise industry-recognised methods of exploration in series or in parallel
• Develop a “results-driven” exploration approach to on-going exploration    effort and expense
• Explore and define resources and develop/sell projects achieving success
• Implement a disciplined review process to monitor expenditure
• Consider commercial options for projects which no longer meet the criteria established by the Company