AIM Rule 26

Rockfire Resources is the ultimate holding company for a company which holds mineral exploration licences in Australia.  The Group’s strategy is to explore for and, where the Directors believe that it is commercially feasible, develop deposits of gold and/or copper within Australia. As part of it’s on-going business strategy, management continues to review suitable projects in other jurisdictions for acquisition. It is the Group’s intention to conduct its activities in a professional and responsible manner, for the benefit of the Company’s shareholders, its employees and the national and local communities within which it operates.


Gordon Hart (Chairman)
David Price (Chief Executive Officer)
Ian Staunton (Non-executive Director)
Patrick Elliott – (Non-executive Director)
Nicholas Walley – (Non-executive Director)


The Company has adopted the Quoted Company Alliance Corporate Governance Code 2018 (the ‘QCA Code’) in line with the London Stock Exchange’s recent changes to the AIM Rules requiring all AIM-listed companies to adopt and comply with a recognised corporate governance code.

The Board recognises the importance of good corporate governance and considers that a strong corporate governance foundation is essential in delivering shareholder value. The QCA Code has ten principles that companies should look to apply within their business. Rockfire seeks to adhere to these principles to the highest level possible.

This link gives you our full Policy which is an explanation at a high level of how the Company currently complies with the principles of the QCA Code and, to the extent applicable, those areas where the Company’s corporate governance structures and practices differ from the expectations set out in the QCA Code. Annual updates will be provided on the Company’s compliance with the QCA Code.

– Audit Committee
The Audit Committee ensures the operation of good financial practices throughout the Group, ensures that controls are in place to protect the assets of the Group, reviews the integrity of financial information, reviews the interim and annual financial statements and reviews all aspects of the audit programme.  The audit committee meets not less than twice in each financial year and has unrestricted access to the Group’s external auditors.

The Audit Committee is chaired by Mr. Ian Staunton and includes Patrick Elliott and Gordon Hart.

– Remuneration Committee

The Remuneration Committee is deemed to be an independent body for the purpose of establishing, monitoring and reviewing remuneration of the executives of the Company. Such remuneration may include salary, benefits, bonuses, Options and Key Performance Indicators.

The Remuneration Committee is Chaired by Mr. Nicholas Walley and includes Patrick Elliott.


England and Wales

The Group holds mineral exploration licences in Australia

The company’s  Articles of Association, Certificate of Incorporation and  Trading Certificate can be downloaded from here.


Number on issue at 21 August 2021: 1,081,637,722 ordinary shares of £0.001 each
Percentage of ordinary shares not in public hands: 9.83%
Identity and percentage holdings of significant shareholders:

Nicholas Walley * 5.45%
Michael Somerset-Leeke 4.75%
David Price * 1.28%
Edward Fry * 1.20%
Patrick Elliott * 1.08%
Gordon Hart * 0.82%
Directors & Management 9.83%

* Directors and Management of Rockfire

There are no restrictions on the transfer of the Company’s AIM Securities. The Company has not applied for or agreed to have any of its securities admitted to or traded on any exchange or trading platform other than AIM.

The Company does not hold any shares in treasury.


Since Rockfire Resources plc is incorporated in England and Wales, the Company is subject to the UK City Code on Takeovers and Mergers.


The annual accounts published pursuant to Rule 19 since Admission and  the half yearly accounts published since the last published annual accounts pursuant to Rule 18, are to be found on the Company Reports page of the Company website.


Details of the company Nomad and other key advisers are as follows:

Nominated Adviser & Broker
Allenby Capital Limited
5 St. Helen’s Place,
London EC3A 6AB
+44 20 3328 5656

Solicitors to the Company as to English law
Thursfields Solicitors, 9-10 The Tything, Worcester, WR1 1HD
Fladgate LLP, 16 Great Queen Street, London WC2B 5DG

Solicitors to the Company as to Australian law
Resources Legal Pty Ltd,
1A Rosemead Road,
Hornsby, NSW, 2077

Financial PR
Yellow Jersey PR Limited
Top Floor, 70-71 Wells Street
Sarah Hollins/Henry Wilkinson/Emma Becirovic
+44 20 3004 9512

Share Registrars Limited,  The Courtyard, 17 West Street, Farnham, Surrey GU9 7DR

Competent Person
CSA Global Pty Limited, 3 Ord Street,  West Perth, Australia WA 6005


Registered office:
201 Temple Chambers, 3-7 Temple Avenue, Temple, London EC4Y 0DT

Australian office:
Level 1, 57 Cambridge Parade, Manly, Queensland, 4179

Graeme Hogan
201 Temple Chambers, 3-7 Temple Avenue, Temple, London EC4Y 0DT

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This page was last updated on 03 August 2021

The information is being disclosed in accordance with Rule 26 of the AIM Rules for Companies.